We did it our way – Part 1

Originally posted: 2011/12/03

Today is the real deal with Jenny’s hair at K’s Salon, and it turned out excellent.  Not only that, but the customer service and atmosphere was most impressive (Jenny can’t say enough about how great it was).

She knew exactly what she wanted, and was a little worried about a hair stylist understanding and executing it.  Jenny fell in love with her octo-clip (called ‘stolen pearls’) and chose to accent her hair with pearl-pins to give the octopus even more pearls to steal.  Kaye was so amazing, and produced a true work of art!
(If you haven’t already seen the hair pictures, see this post.)

We just had to get a shot with Kaye (left), and one of the staff before leaving.

So now that we have revealed our theme, there will be no holding back!

Steampunk WeddingSteampunk Themed Wedding (or elopement, you could call it).

No white dress, no black tuxedo, no flowers, no ‘let’s do what everyone wants us to do’.
We had been planning this for months, and wanted to do something that we both enjoyed.

It also fits with a line from one of our favorite songs:

“Just like the movies
That’s how it should be
Cinematic and dramatic
With the perfect ending”

Here we are at the City Clerk’s Office to get our final paperwork done.
It was a madhouse on that day.  We had to go in the day before (Thursday) to register, because there is a 24 hour waiting period before you can be legally married.
We got there shortly after they opened on Thursday, and it was quick and painless.
Friday was another story!  We got there around 11:30 AM instead of 10:00 AM like we planned, and by then it was packed!

Steampunk Wedding

We had so many New Yorkers asking to take our picture; they loved our outfits!  Most people are generally courteous and respectful (they ask) about taking pictures of strangers, but there was one creepy old guy who seemed a little weird.  He’d try to sneak pictures of us (mainly of Jenny, but I can’t blame him), then he would pretend he wasn’t doing anything.  Hopefully he’s not gathering material to add to his perv-folio.
My phone and camera were in my backpack; otherwise I would have taken his picture several times, to help him understand.

Steampunk Wedding
It turns out that we were not the only ones from out-of-town.  While standing in line for the ceremony, we met a nice couple who came here from England to get married in NYC.

Steampunk Wedding
The perfect setting: just the two of us.

Our judge reminded us of Judge Judy, she had the same sassy-spunky personality, yet she could relate to us completely.

Steampunk Wedding
We are now pronounced husband and wife!

Steampunk Wedding
You may kiss the bride.

Steampunk Wedding
All done at the courthouse.

More pictures from this day are coming soon.

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