We Did It Our Way – Part 2

Originally posted: 2011/12/05

We were amazed at how many people were trying to figure us out during the day.  Only one guy got it right at the courthouse, when he said “Cool!  Steampunk!” as we were walking by.  Another person said “Time Travelers!”

But other assumptions were severely distorted.  Everything from ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ (from a subway drunk), to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (in the Empire State Building Elevator), to ‘Napoleon’ (old guy selling things on the street corner).  Whether they understood us or not, they all cheered us on, and asked to take pictures.  Everywhere we went through the city, there were so many compliments and applauds.

Steampunk WeddingHer boots are the coolest!

Jenny did some custom modifications to her dress/corset. It originally had buttons on the front, but the buttons were plastic, and a few of them broke.  Jenny decided to sew in some gears to replace them; it actually looked better than the original.  She also sewed the train (I suppose you call it that) in place to give it a more elegant and flattering look.

Steampunk WeddingJenny absolutely loved her octo-clip!

Steampunk Wedding

Steampunk WeddingAll done at the courthouse, time to get out of here!

Steampunk WeddingWe had gone all day without eating anything (not even breakfast). So we grabbed a few Cliff Bars and some water, so we could keep going.

Steampunk Wedding

Steampunk Wedding“Hitchin’ a Ride… I got no fare to ride a train…” (Vanity Fair)

Steampunk Wedding“Gotta get me home, to my baby’s side…”  (Vanity Fair)

Steampunk WeddingEven newlyweds have disagreements.

Steampunk WeddingBut eventually we get where we need to be.

Sometimes it’s nice to do things that people are normally too shy to try.  We will certainly be doing things like this more often than ‘sometimes’ though!

If you can’t do what you love with who you love, then why even get out of bed?

Steampunk WeddingI have been interested in this building since I first visited NYC, because it’s huge and has no windows, just some vents.  I thought it would make a great background for my steampunk outfit.

“We Did It Our Way” Part 3 will be coming next!

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