The Transformation – Part 2

As seen in The Transformation – Part 1, Jenny was in the process of coloring her hair red, but had to wait another week.  After about 8 hours, she got the results she wanted.
She came home and it was already late, but we just had to take some pictures!!!

Red Hair - Glamour

We were up until about 2am taking pictures of her new vibrant red hair.  Lots of fun stuff!

Red Hair - Spidergirl

Even though she looked more like Mary Jane, we had to get some more mileage out of her Spiderman shirt.

Red Hair - Spidergirl Pose

This “web-slinging” picture becomes famous later, and we’ll share that post when we get caught up to September 2012.

Red Hair - Spidergirl Portrait

Spidergirl stays still long enough for a more formal portrait.

Red Hair - Sassy

Of course, there will always be a certain degree of sassiness.

Here’s one of our favorite pictures from the whole shoot:

Red Hair - Hero Shot

This took several tries to get it just right.  But it was worth it, and we actually printed this one as a 20 x 30 and displayed it at a gallery show a month later.

At about 2am we were done!

This is the end result of The Transformation.   …or is it?

Stay tuned for “The Transformation – Part 3”

Oh, and as promised, here are a few ‘extra’ pictures from the previous shoot.

Black Hair

Black Hair

Black Hair

You’ll never guess what’s coming in “The Transformation – Part 3”

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