The Transformation – Part 2

As seen in The Transformation – Part 1, Jenny was in the process of coloring her hair red, but had to wait another week.  After about 8 hours, she got the results she wanted.
She came home and it was already late, but we just had to take some pictures!!!

Red Hair - Glamour

We were up until about 2am taking pictures of her new vibrant red hair.  Lots of fun stuff!

Red Hair - Spidergirl

Even though she looked more like Mary Jane, we had to get some more mileage out of her Spiderman shirt.

Red Hair - Spidergirl Pose

This “web-slinging” picture becomes famous later, and we’ll share that post when we get caught up to September 2012.

Red Hair - Spidergirl Portrait

Spidergirl stays still long enough for a more formal portrait.

Red Hair - Sassy

Of course, there will always be a certain degree of sassiness.

Here’s one of our favorite pictures from the whole shoot:

Red Hair - Hero Shot

This took several tries to get it just right.  But it was worth it, and we actually printed this one as a 20 x 30 and displayed it at a gallery show a month later.

At about 2am we were done!

This is the end result of The Transformation.   …or is it?

Stay tuned for “The Transformation – Part 3”

Oh, and as promised, here are a few ‘extra’ pictures from the previous shoot.

Black Hair

Black Hair

Black Hair

You’ll never guess what’s coming in “The Transformation – Part 3”

The Transformation – Part 1

One year ago (March 2011) Jenny went red (not the red bass she’s holding, her hair).  But before this could happen, there was some work to be done.

The Transformation

You can get more information on the intricate details, along with numerous other hair tips on Jenny’s website (Crime of Fashion Hair and Makeup) but I’ll briefly describe this to the best of my abilities.  If you have questions about how/why it works the way it does, you can leave a comment below.

The Transformation

Hopefully Jenny will forgive me for revealing this in public, but prior to her attending the Gene Juarez Academy for cosmetology, she had previously been using ‘box-hair-color‘ (the icky stuff you buy at the store).  Most people don’t realize how damaging it is to your hair, and how difficult it makes things when you try to change color.

The Transformation
My bass & my pants, but they still look way better on her!

Jenny spent almost all day at the salon, in hopes of coming out with vibrant red hair.  I dropped her off, and about 6 hours later, she came out with dark hair, and was less than pleased.

The Transformation

We had planned to do a shoot that day, because her hair would have been super vibrant, as the color would be completely fresh.  The shoot (with red hair) was off, and we went home a little deflated.

The Transformation

Not being the type to let it keep us down, we decided to do a shoot at home.
We shot everything with only one light.  I think it turned out great.  But I’m biased, because my girl is beautiful no matter what.

A week later, she was able to go back and get the red hair that we had planned on.

Next week (after we finish our taxes), I’ll post The Transformation – Part 2, and you can see the red hair.  Plus a few more of this series I didn’t have time to add into this post (we shot a few more silly pictures, too).

We interrupt this program to bring you…

Now that our website is caught up to where it was before it crashed, it’s time to insert something new, before we continue on.  (shameless self-promotion)

Jenny (Crime of Fashion Hair and Makeup) is being featured this month during Seattle RAW Artists’ “Generation” spotlight show on March 23rd in Seattle.  She’ll be going under her alter-ego artist alias: “Memphis”

If you’re able, please stop by and show your support.  There will be a fashion runway show, and so much more!  Tickets are $25 at the door, but only $10 using this link

Seattle RAW
You can click on the picture to see it larger.

It’s going to be a great show!