Our 2-year Anniversary

Today is the day, and it’s hard to believe that two years have passed already!
Steampunk Wedding

We’ve been so incredibly busy that the time went by way too fast!

Tomorrow we’re going on an anniversary trip, and we’re probably less prepared for this trip than any other.  As usual, the details of this trip will be kept a secret, at least until we land and begin posting.

Even after our 4 flights together (NYC, Las Vegas, Madison/Chicago, San Francisco), my girl still doesn’t like flying!  There may be no cure for her aviophobia, but at least she’ll do almost anything for an adventure!

Since we’ve been married, we’ve made two trips around the sun.

Which means we’ve already travelled about 1,168,133,746 miles at an average speed of 67,108.1 miles per hour.  The math isn’t perfect (because our orbit is elliptical), but I think the data is close enough to make a point:

We don’t need to worry so much about flying in airplanes, because we’re already travelling on a much larger scale.

As much as it makes sense to me, I know I’m still going to hold her tight during takeoff and landing (and any crazy turbulence we get along the way).  That’s OK, too!

Chicago - Cloud Gate

Not only is our trip going to be very last-minute (which helps add spontaneity), but some of our other anniversary plans seem to have suffered complications as well.  I know she had at least one surprise for me that didn’t work out, and I had one for her that didn’t happen (yet).

We can still look forward to a relaxing get-away, and time to spend with each other.
There’s nothing more I could ask for.

Steampunk Wedding

What you can look forward to, is reading about another one of our adventures in a far-away city, full of interesting facts, and unique selfies (some of which may even make you sick).

For all those who are afraid to fly, don’t feel bad, even The Shatner is not crazy about it.

Somebody had to ask

Occasionally I’ll check our web stats to see how many page hits we receive, from what countries, and which search engine terms people use to find our website.

Today, I found a new one.  Somebody found and visited our website after Googling:

“how much can jared love jenny”

WordPress Stats

I just had to take a screen-shot of it.

Jenny hasn’t even seen it yet, so she’ll find out when this post goes live!  It was so cool, because I don’t check all the time, and just happened to find it by chance today.

I always tell her that she has no idea how much I love her.

…and apparently, she’s not the only one who has no idea!

What you mean to me

Originally posted: 2012/03/04

My love, I simply cannot imagine what I would do without you in my life.
I am not the greatest poet, but I hope that I can at least share a fraction of what I feel for you with this.

“That beautiful smile-
The shape of your lips and the twinkle on your eyes,
Is far better than the perfect sunrise.

Your hand tenderly caressing my check,
I stop and cannot speak
This crazy sensation overtakes me makes my knees go weak.

That sweet whisper in my ear
Oh, the many tender words I hear,
My heart flutters inside and it brings me to tears.

How can it be? A fabrication, a dream or my mind’s delusion?
Forever in his arms, I succumb to his spell and permeate with elation

His intoxicating love invades the very depths of my soul,
Our body’s dance, intertwine, our boundless love knows not of control.

Kiss me. Make my drunk from those exquisite lips,
Being beside you, how could I ever resist?
I’ll cherish you forever, my sweets, my love, mi amor
‘Til the sun, moon and stars fade and are no more…”

How could I put into words what you mean to me?
No song, love letter or poem would ever describe just how much I love you, my sweets!


My Everlasting Love For My Beautiful Husband

Originally posted: 2012/02/10

When all I had was sorrow, you brought me joy.
When I was was dead, you brought me to life.
When there was only cold blood pumping through my veins, you rekindled the flame that now allows warmth to flow through them.
When my world was nothing but darkness, you illuminated my life with your love.
When I was all alone, you took my hand in yours and said, “Mi Reina, I am here for you forever and for always.”

My beautiful Jared, I am so thankful to have you in my life. Thank you for being the sunshine, spark and ultimate love of my life!

I love you so much, my sweets!!!