The Complaining

Originally posted: 2011/12/09

We absolutely loved our trip to NYC, but…

Here’s our review of the things that could have been better:


Our hotel does not provide free wireless internet (our blog posts were delayed).
They want $4.95/day for internet.  Not that we couldn’t afford it, but we refused to pay on principle.  The public library, airport, Starbucks, etc, all offer free Wi-Fi.  But to make matters worse, these clowns want $4.95/day per device!  We have two laptops and two phones, and there’s no way we would pay almost $20/day to have full connectivity, when other places (even hostels) offer it for free.

We love the location of this hotel, but when we return to NYC, we will not be staying here again.  They lost customers over a trivial Wi-Fi fee.  Yes, we left a review.  We checked with the hotel around the corner (which I stayed in several years ago), and they offer free WiFi, so we’ll most likely stay there next time, and enjoy the same great location.
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Meanwhile, across town…

Originally posted: 2011-11-30


We’re in SEATAC, and about to board our flight.  The forecast shows clear sunny skies Thursday through Sunday!  What more could we ask for?

Jenny could ask for another way to get there.

A slight case of aviophobia at first, but she eventually got on the plane, even with a smile!


Red-eye flights are the best!  Except when a passenger brings their small, annoying, yapping dog on board.  An unexpected disturbance to our mid-flight nap at 30,000 feet.

Almost there.  It will be daylight when we land, and we’ll hit the ground running!