Somebody had to ask

Occasionally I’ll check our web stats to see how many page hits we receive, from what countries, and which search engine terms people use to find our website.

Today, I found a new one.  Somebody found and visited our website after Googling:

“how much can jared love jenny”

WordPress Stats

I just had to take a screen-shot of it.

Jenny hasn’t even seen it yet, so she’ll find out when this post goes live!  It was so cool, because I don’t check all the time, and just happened to find it by chance today.

I always tell her that she has no idea how much I love her.

…and apparently, she’s not the only one who has no idea!

Homemade Anniversary Card

Originally posted: 2012/02/04

It’s hard to believe it has already been two months (on Groundhog Day).

Had I planned things more carefully, I would have waited to give Jenny this groundhog card in February.  Instead, I already gave it to her in January.  Since I completely botched the timing for Groundhog Day (that’s OK, we’re not superstitious), I had to come up with something more clever.

Groundhog Day Anniversary Card    Groundhog Day Anniversary Card
No, I’m not going to let you read the inside of this card!  Scroll down for the real card.

The idea came a to me too late, and I didn’t have much time to work with.  But it was worth trying anyway.  Jenny’s necklace had already been ordered, and I wanted a good card to go with it.  I was looking at a dead keyboard, I remembered a picture a friend recently sent me, where keyboard keys were removed to spell words.

From that moment on, I was on a mission.  For a couple days, I gathered all the dead keyboards I could find (even made a trip to Goodwill).  I was going to make my own anniversary card, and find a way to make it work with the necklace.  It’s not just about the gift, it’s the presentation!

Putting it all together (the day before I gave it to her) took considerably longer than I expected.

Home Made Anniversary Card

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