We’re in a New York state of mind

Originally posted 2011-12-01

With our paperwork taken care of, the rest of our day was free for pre-wedding pictures.

Since we were going to be spending lots of time right in downtown Manhattan for the rest of our trip, it was nice to be able to take ‘the path less traveled’ for the rest of the day, and see some of the less-familiar NYC locations.

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Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

Originally posted: 2011-12-01

We landed safely, and are all settled in.  Our first day was great (although we were running on almost no sleep).

Our hotel is conveniently located on 94th & Broadway, so we have easy access to both the express and local subways, and can quickly get anywhere we need to be.  Outside our window, we have all the authentic views and sounds of the busy city.

Tons of things to do and see, but we need to take care of business first.  After the ‘big day’, we’ll have more time for sightseeing.  Even so, we were still able to squeeze in some fun on our first day.  Here’s Jenny at Columbus Circle, posing by the steel globe in front of the Trump International Hotel and Tower, while we were waiting for our ride.

But before we even got this far, Jenny got a trial run of her hairdo. Click on any of the pictures to see them larger.

Jenny got her trial run hairdo at the fabulous K’s Salon, and it looked awesome!  We spent the rest of the day having fun and getting our pre-wedding pics while Jenny got to “test drive” her new hairdo.

I think she likes it!

Way too much to do now, so we’ll upload the rest of today’s pictures in the next post.

Meanwhile, across town…

Originally posted: 2011-11-30


We’re in SEATAC, and about to board our flight.  The forecast shows clear sunny skies Thursday through Sunday!  What more could we ask for?

Jenny could ask for another way to get there.

A slight case of aviophobia at first, but she eventually got on the plane, even with a smile!


Red-eye flights are the best!  Except when a passenger brings their small, annoying, yapping dog on board.  An unexpected disturbance to our mid-flight nap at 30,000 feet.

Almost there.  It will be daylight when we land, and we’ll hit the ground running!