NYC – Day Three

Originally posted 2011/12/26

Honeymoon time!

Our plan for the day was to catch a tour of the city and see a Broadway show that evening.

CopacabanaOutside the famous Copacabana.

Broadway TicketsOn our way to the Grey Line Tours we saw a line forming in Times Square.  People were lined up to get half price tickets to the Broadway shows for that evening.  We had some time, so we got in line too.

Broadway Tickets

Broadway TicketsSo many shows to choose from, but we had to wait to see which ones were still available.

Broadway TicketsNearing the ticket window, we hoped they didn’t sell out for Phantom of the Opera tickets.

Broadway TicketsWe got them!  Half price tickets!

An interesting thing to know about Times Square (or Manhattan in general):
Finding a public restroom is not as easy as it seems.  A good place to go is the Times Square Visitor Center.

Light Wall

There’s a really cool light wall on the way in, and we just couldn’t resist!

Light Wall

Phantom of the Opera dressSince we’re not allowed to take pictures during the show, here’s one of the costumes we saw at the Visitor Center.

Visitor Center

Time for the tour…

NYC Tour BusFinally on the tour bus, but after the time we spent in line for Broadway tickets it was beginning to get late.  There would not be much sunlight left.

Tour Bus - Times SquareVader and a few stormtroopers were hopelessly outnumbered by the throngs of humanity in Times Square.  You can see the light sabers, and if you look closely, you can even see Chewbacca.

Empire State Building

Met Life TowerOur tour guide was lame (our upcoming review post will detail it), and didn’t have much info on the buildings around us.  I seem to remember (from a previous tour with a decent tour guide) that this is the Met Life Building.

Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building is very cool, and other than stating that it was “The Daily Bugle” in Spiderman, our lame tour guide had nothing else to say.  I was here in the fall of 1998 and watched as this became the location of a standoff between hundreds of NYC police and a huge angry crowd.

Flatiron Building

Tour Bus, hot chocolate

The sun went down, and it got cold!  At one of the stops, a vendor hopped on the bus and was selling hot chocolate. This was a great way to warm our hands up!

Tour Bus, hot chocolate

Getting a little cold, we decided to end our tour.  Plus, we had to hurry up and get to our Broadway show.  That post is coming next (along with our run-in with Harry Connick, Jr).

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